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Federica Petri here, a blogger, model and influencer passionate about sneakers and haute couture. 

Welcome to my blog!

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My favorite brands are Jordan, Off-WhiteBalenciaga and Prada.

I like to update the world on the novelties of high fashion and streetwear.

Fede love create new styles? What a question..

I love to create special outfits for every occasion, even mixing the elegant world of luxury with sports sneakers.

A tangible example is my wedding, where I wore my favorite, the Jordan 1 Retro High Spider-Man Origin Story, what a wonderful and crazy day.

On my blog, i publish my outfits, all my collaborations with brands and news about fashion.

On the blog and Instagram also publish my private life (Petri and Luppichini vibes)

In addition to the wedding, in fact, I have now given news of Sun, what an emotion.

Next, Federica Petri fashion section: you will find news about fashion, such as collaborations between famous brands or with me.

So then Federica Petri outfit section: more generally you will find what I wear every day.

In the Federica Petri press section you will find the articles in which I was mentioned.

And in it by clicking on the title or on the image you can exit the blog and access directly to the article page

Federica Petri contact section: you can ask me any kind of question, whether it is about Business, about me, about Streetwear, about luxury, about haute couture or generic.

Thank you for your support boys and girls.

Of course you can also contact me in the direct instagram on federica__petri

I chose to open my blog two years after becoming an influencer.

And after 4 years of passion for streetwear and 2 years of high fashion. 

I like to share my outfits and fashion news.

Always expressing my opinion whether it is with or against the masses.

So I hope you like my style.

For every question I’ll wait for you in the Instagram direct or in the contacts section.

Federica Petri
Federica Petri