I’m madly in love with the new Marie midi dress in Barbados Beach Turquoise, crafted from the most soft Italian jacquard and manufactured 100% in Italy. 

Federica Petri Art Dealer
Vestiti Art Dealer

Special thanks for the dress to Filippo (@garconfilippo), a very kind and beautiful person who I esteem very much.

The jacquard is amazing, a beautiful allover wave jacquard in turquoise, with its high quality, its comfort and of course, its perfection for special occasions! 

The ingredient for the perfect match was without a doubt the Nike Dunk Low Ocean, that features a cool aquatic teal on the upper matched with a translucent outsole to mimic the bodies of the water that comprise most of the planet. Furthermore, the leather overlays feature a texture that are likely set to emulate the unsteadiness of the ocean’s surface as currents from all around the glove crash into one another creating the natural visual we see here. Even the tongue utilizes a pattern of water that reflects on the ocean’s floor.