The freshest fashion must-haves for the new year are undoubtedly the Balenciaga sunglasses in black nylon that recall the shape of a bow tie. 

Besides Kim Kardashian, I was really charmed after seeing them on Nicole Kidman, spotted outside her hotel in Paris dressed as Balenciaga from head to toe. The actress has combined a black tight leotard with a pair of over jeans, and has accessorized the ensemble – definitely an ensemble out of its daily fashion comfort zone -, with a black clutch and a pair of sharp-tipped shoes, what a style!

Not to mention the bag “Le Cagole”; Hate it or love it, “Le Cagole” is the most desired Balenciaga handbag, but also the absolute #2 after the Diesel 1DR model. So much has been said this season about its name: “Le Cagole” is a term of Provençal origin that in the youth jargon indicates a cool girl who can sing even a little out of the choir. Its success owes its credit to the dystopian vision of creative director Demna, but also to Kim Kardashian as the protagonist of the advertising campaign. 

Federica Petri Balenciaga
Federica Petri Balenciaga
Federica Petri Balenciaga

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In this last period I am madly in love with the Balenciaga BB0179S 001 glasses; great sources of inspiration were Justin and Hailey Bieber, with their style of dressing Balenciaga in this last period.

This particular model has a glossy black color variant with plain grey lenses that I’m in love with. The artistic direction of the Balenciaga collections keeps the brand’s vision, its influences and its radical style high. Iconic sunglasses, super defined and high quality, for a look characterized by sharp frames, with colors and modern patterns, inspired by the vivid streets of Paris. High density acetates go beyond the technical limits, reaching unwavering levels of lightness.

The more adventurous will love the original rock and roll logo print of this Balenciaga Kids T-shirt that i recently bought. The design is made of cotton with a classic crew neck to offer a comfortable and casual fit.

Let alone the Amina Muaddi’s shoes! I first came across the Amina Muaddi brand on Instagram a few years ago. Later that year, I spotted quite a few high-profile names wearing her shoes at the various fashion weeks around the world. I instantly fell in love with the bright colors of the heels; they’re so fun and chic. My first Amina Muaddi order was a pair of neon green Begum heels that I still adore to this day. 

Last but not least i find the shoes to be exceptionally comfortable because the heel height is always manageable. Additionally, the flared heel makes it easy to Additionally, the flared heel makes it easy to walk in (well, easier than a thin stiletto), as the square base offers a larger surface area.

Talking about this wonderful green colored bag, it is one of the pieces that I will adore the most for my summer, both for its elegance and quality, usable for every occasion, the only flaw, will be difficult to match with other very colorful outfits.

I love the news that Balenciaga offers every year.. see the stars who have paraded for Balenciaga in Paris are not only celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Campbell, but of notable impact were the new speaker bags made in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, amazing!