Still in Cortina I had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with the Canadian Classics team, a really great experience that I will never forget.

Federica Petri Canadian Classics
Federica Petri Canadian Classics 2
Federica Petri Canadian Classics 3

As soon as I put on the duvet I felt like I was getting a warm hug, the quality is among the best I have ever seen regarding the duvets and at the same time it is so soft that I did not take it off even inside the shelter.

There is not much to say, inspired by the “cool” lifestyle of the Canadian metropolises, Canadian Classics makes credible urban models and materials tested in the practice of outdoor activities. An outerwear with which you can walk in nature and then sit in a Café of the center feeling adequate in both situations. Jackets designed for hiking as well as for evenings around clubs or winter festivals. A versatility made possible thanks to the selection of premium materials and the research on models and wearability. All enriched by an attention to detail that makes the difference compared to mass-produced products.