Madly in love with the new FW Runway Show Collection ’22, from jacket to belt, that like a military armor winks at those low-rise belts that we all wore in the 90s.

Federica Petri Diesel 2023
Federica Petri Diesel Backstage 2023

There are four chapters in the collection: denim, utility, pop and craft. It’s crossed by stylistic themes such as the raw character of work belts, the sensuality of hook closures, the play of trompe l’oeil and the energy of asymmetry. The materials collide and contrast, the textures are charged, each look has freedom and control.

The collection includes the first garments ever created from denim, cotton and elastane entirely recycled and dyed in indigo without water. It is about rehabilitation, with Diesel producing new yarn from its production waste, creating an innovative and positive line: Diesel Rehab Denim, in collaboration with Tejidos Royo, the specialists of sustainable fabric.

Federica Petri Diesel Sfilata 2023

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