I spent wonderful winter days at home, in my beautiful Milano. I share with you my latest outfit, which accompanied me on this beautiful day.


Sporty and voluminous, this duvet stands out for its short cut and technical details. Made of high-performance and innovative Nylon Tec, the model is completed by windproof inserts and features a mixed padding of goose down and Graphene, which guarantees a high thermoregulation capacity, with antibacterial properties.

Since 2008, the Nike Dunk Low “Lobster” series has been created, proposed in 5 different colorways. The first colors released were the “Red” version, the “Blue” and the “Yellow”. Later came out the version “Green” and the “Purple”, result of a mix between the first three, since mixing blue and yellow you get the green and the union of blue and red purple.

But the best remain the Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low “Orange Loboster”, which stand out from the others expecially for their attractive colors, despite the pair features all of the signature elements of past drops like a checkerboard liner, textured leather made to resemble a lobster’s exterior shell, and rubber bands around the toe. Love them so much.