What a pleasure to be able to collaborate with Snipes and 032c, streetwear brand that I have always relied on to look for the particular piece.

pantaloni snipes

The innovative minds behind 032c aim to eliminate the boundaries between art and culture with the 032c WORKSHOP x SNIPES collaboration. For these track pants, the Berlin-based brand inspired the straightforward design with a trendy colorway and cozy feel to elevate your streetwear style.

The minimalistic design of this hoodie displays graffiti print at the hood and provides a relaxed fit to bring together the best of both worlds.If you’re ready to break barriers with SNIPES, it’s your time to shine in this creative collection.

The mix of 032c WORKSHOP x SNIPES encourages members of both communities to look beyond the barriers that supposedly separate them and break them. “There is no high or low. There is just culture.”